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Cally Spooner
several lectures on Display (managed tears, unscripted skin, riots)

The Anatomy Lecture Theatre, King’s College

21 April 2018 - 2.00pm-5.00pm


several lectures on Display (managed tears, unscripted skin, riots) is the fifth in a series of transdisciplinary gatherings organised by Cally Spooner and commissioned by PS/Y for Hysteria. Bringing together neurologists, psychiatrists, cultural theorists and dancers the event will explore physical conditions that are psychosocial in origin, and which display themselves in response to psychological stressors or conflicts. Beginning with human skin, then expanding scale to humiliation and nervous breakdowns at a societal level, several lectures will be presented on how the historical and embodied character of experience arrives ‘hysterically’, symbolically (less so verbally) in today’s 21st Century infosphere.

Contributors include Dr Isabel Valli (neurologist and psychiatrist, King’s College London); Prof Naomi Segal (Visiting Professor in French & German Studies, Birkbeck, University of London); Cally Spooner, and more to be announced.

several lectures on Display (managed tears, unscripted skin, riots ) is made possible with support from King’s College London Arts and Humanities World Service Project 2016-18 and funding from Arts Council England and Wellcome Trust.


Images: Cally Spooner, several lectures on Display (managed tears, unscripted skin, riots), 2018. King’s College London.Commissioned by PS/Y for Hysteria. Photos by Anne Tetzlaff